Salamanca, October 4 and 5, 2018

The next 4th and 5th of October we will celebrate the 14th edition of the meeting of the Spanish Society of Safety and Quality Food in Salamanca, the city of the Tormes River, which enjoys international recognition by Unesco with its Declaration as World Heritage City.

The theme chosen this year is "From food security to food integrity", aware as we are of the importance of the integrity of the food in the chain food and especially to consumers. Under this concept are grouped mainly the food safety and food defense against fraud prevention. These three aspects, which historically have been treated separately, are now grouped under the concept of Food Integrity. Lately it comes to these aspects the fight against food waste.

On this basis, the agenda of the meeting will discuss food security, physical, chemical and biological risks, prevention and control. But also about the risks of bioterrorism in the case of food defense as well as adulteration and fraud or sabotage.

A wide then look towards the world of the threats to the food sector that constitutes an important challenge for all professionals who work in one way or another in these areas, which will not be able to deal with if we don't do it in an integrated way. This edition of the meeting of signal insurance constitute an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences between technologists in the food field, responsible for food quality and safety, experts in food legislation, veterinary inspectors, professionals from academia and, ultimately, all those involved in the defense and control of the integrity of the food.

And, how not, there will also be time to enjoy the city of Salamanca and its cuisine. We could share with the University of Salamanca its VIII Centenary celebration, in which we could participate in the activities that will should take place in the city.

We will wait for you to still working for the safety and quality food in our country.